Todd Marshall

Dealing With Anxious Gagging


Anxiety is a difficult problem to manage, particularly when it's chronic and happens with little warning or reason. It typically presents itself with breathing difficulties, feelings of panic, and assorted other unpleasant physical sensations, although its exact set of symptoms vary from one person to the next. In a relatively small number of people, the onset anxiety can cause a gagging feeling in the throat, which in turn leads to coughing, a feeling of choking and sometimes vomiting.

25 October 2017

Stop Arguing All the Time in Your Relationship


In any long-term relationship, occasional arguments are inevitable. You can't agree on everything, all the time, and if you live together, it can become more common. Everyday stresses and worries can magnify smaller problems and sometimes people are guilty of taking their frustrations out on the person closest to them. So when does this arguing become problematic? It's not something where there's a one-size-fits-all method of determining, but if your relationship has reached a stage where arguments are a significant issue, you're probably already aware of that fact.

24 July 2017

Live Without Fear: Treating Serious Phobias


Living with a phobia can be extremely difficult. While a large number of people experience some sort of irrational fear, for most it's easy to control and doesn't interfere much with daily life. For others, however, fear can really take over. It largely depends on two things: the object of your phobia and how much it terrifies you. Combine a phobia trigger that's often present with a severe fear reaction, and it can be hard to live a normal life.

18 July 2017